Solved: Graphics flicker on GA-MA78GM-US2H

Gigabyte MA78GM-US2H motherboard box.

We just got two of these in at work today, and both went into new PCs. Both had the same graphics glitch: Some violent-looking video flicker the whole way through Windows XP setup, which calmed down a bit once the drivers were installed but then had a weird row of green boxes flickering across the top of the screen.

The guys in this forum thread suggested turning Cool’n’Quiet off in BIOS; that made no difference to me, but updating the BIOS fixed it for everyone. I went from version F2 to F5; it seems to be fixed in F3 and up. Go here and scroll down to get the latest BIOS update.

Our two boards were revision 1.0. There’s also apparently a v2.0 of this board with a slightly different chipset (SB710 instead of 700). I don’t know if it’s affected or not.

I’m surprised this made it through quality control; it’s an obvious problem and all you need to see it is to try installing XP. It happens on both CRT and LCD monitors. It’s easily fixed though – you just put the new BIOS image on a FAT32-formatted drive (a USB flash drive will do) and hit F8 from within BIOS to get to Q-Flash (or the End key from the POST screen).

2 Responses to “Solved: Graphics flicker on GA-MA78GM-US2H”

  1. david says:

    Just one word, repeated : thanks, thanks, thanks !
    I had the same problem on a GA-MA78GM-UD2H, bios update to F5 solved the problem

  2. Darren says:

    Finally!!!! I have found a solution (hopefully – haven’t tried it yet) for this annoying problem. I tried everything – update drivers, different DVI cables, VGA instead of DVI, fiddled with numerous settings. Nothing fixed it. Now I will try a BIOS update. I hope this is the solution.

    Thank you very much.