my faux pas for 2009

Last night my peer group gathered its computers together with the intention of playing LAN games all night. We got distracted by the prospect of overclocking our PCs, brought on partly by my new CPU cooler, and instead spent much of the night fiddling with our front side buses and benchmarking the results.

(Just to brag: my E6600, at 2.4ghz stock, makes it at least to 3.3ghz just by raising the FSB. No voltage adjustments, and it never went above 50 degrees playing Crysis. My 3dmark06 score rose from 11000 something to 15306.)

Then we burned a bit of fuel testing a friend’s new car sound system as we ambled cruised hooned to Sydney and back to fetch Krispy Kremes with which to celebrate.

It’s 2PM the following day, March the 29th, and I’ve only just realised something: We accidentally spent the entirety of Earth Hour overclocking our gaming PCs. With the lights on.

So sorry. People do.

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