Solved: Billion 7300a not forwarding port 80

It’s weird. I have ports 80, 2120 and 2121 forwarded to my Linux box via my Billion 7300a modem. The latter two (picked for random things because they’re cool numbers) work fine; requests to port 80 just stop dead at the modem and time out.

Everything’s forwarded correctly, my ISP doesn’t force me to opt-in to opening port 80, my DDNS URL resolves correctly to my home address, but nobody comes to the door when you knock.

Actually, it’s the modem hiding behind the door, and it’s got no intention of answering. The modem’s webconfig runs on port 80 as well, although yes it’s only available on the local network, not from outside.

According to this, you have to change the port the webconfig is running on – despite it not responding to hails from outside my network anyway – before forwards to another machine on port 80 will work at all.


It’s not just the 7300a that does this – I mentioned it to a friend, and he said his 5100c did exactly the same thing.

My next modem, when it comes time to replace this one, won’t be another Billion. My quest for the perfect modem continues.

5 Responses to “Solved: Billion 7300a not forwarding port 80”

  1. Jimmy says:

    nothing is ever good enough for tim. billion ftw.

    yards sesame

  2. Nathan says:

    Well, my Linksys AG300 modem just died… I don’t know what brand to buy now! I’ve had Linksys, Billion, D-Link, Netcomm, Netgear and some off-branded PC Fair thing…

  3. tim says:

    You can go up, or down. Buy a Belkin N1, or go TP-Link and tell me what that’s like. 😛

    I played with a TP wireless router at work today. Looked great, booted in 30 seconds, Worked Fine For Me(tm).

  4. Nathan says:

    My only issue with them is that I only -need- a modem. I don’t like buying a uber-n-wireless-blow-up-doll-and-coffee-maker edition router when all of that is disabled and I drop it to bridge mode.

  5. Jeremy says:

    The “perfect” modem of course is one that you can install whatever the crap you want on it. We have a Linksys WRT54G (v2) that we run DD-WRT on, but we’re thinking of putting OpenWrt on it.

    Of course, the WRT54G isn’t a modem as such, but will accept any PPPoE modem on the WAN port. We just use a D-Link DSL-504G in “Bridge Mode” which tells it to not bother with routing, but just act like a normal PPPoE modem.