giggling into my sleeve, please hold

I’m not a fan of the phone at work. If it rings, it means someone wants something from me, and if it’s not something routine and boring, it’s an emergency of some kind. I’m fairly bored with both kinds of calls these days.

One particular call today made me smile, though.

A nice old man wanted someone to come out and set up his new broadband modem for him, set up wireless with his laptop, etc etc. Standard stuff, and standard procedure for me is to take down their name and number and get the callout guy to ring them back for details and to arrange a time.

Me: “Okay, can I just get your phone number then?”
Him: “Yep, sure. it’s four two, eight four…”
Me: *furiously scribbling on whiteboard* “4284…”
Him: *pause* “Oh hang on, I’m giving you your number. I’ll give you my number now.”
Me: *polite chuckle* “Sure, go ahead?”
Him: “four two, eight four…”
Me: *blink*

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