more speedruns: sonic the hedgehog

Could I just have your attention for a couple of hours? Yes? Sweet.

To celebrate buying my own Sega Nomad, I went on a bit of a hunt for Sonic the Hedgehog speedruns on YouTube. They’re every bit as awesome as the Keen 5 one from the other week; if you were a Sonic fan back in the day, check these out.

First up, here’s Sonic the Hedgehog 1, for me the scariest of the lot with those gigantic spikes and no spindashing. In two parts, because this was uploaded when Youtube still limited videos to 10 minutes. Up on CPU!

Then there’s Sonic 2, from the Sega logo to the death of the final boss in 19 minutes and 55 seconds:

Next, the weird one – Sonic Spinball in just under eleven minutes:

Here’s Sonic 3 and Knuckles (the full Sonic 3 game locked into S&K), with the little blue and orange things finishing the last level in 34 minutes 22:

…And now, ladies and gentlemen, I present to you the most gobsmacking, jawdropping video ever. Knuckles soaring through S3&K, picking up every emerald along the way, in a mere 3 quarters of an hour:

There’s a few dead spots where he just glitches through half a level at once, but I’ll happily excuse that, considering he walks backwards through some of the emerald stages. For fun. It almost hurts.

Thankyou, and goodnight.

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  1. Sonic says:

    Awesome videos, thanks for posting.