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If I could have one wish granted today – any wish, anything at all – it would be that Australian ISPs would stop buying each other.

I’m in the middle of a strange problem at work right now. I’m trying to set up dialup internet for a customer; I have her email address and a password, but can’t figure out which ISP her computer should be dialing.

Her email address ends in, if you’ll care to look, instantly redirects to Chariot. Which is all well and good, but if you click on Dialup Access (under Our Services on the left), you’re further redirected to TPG.

Of course, when I tried their dialup number, it was busy. If it’s still busy (or fails to authenticate again) tomorrow, I’m going to have to ring their tech support and ask them who the hell’s actually meant to be providing this lady with internets.

Update: For the roughly 2.7 people who will ever have this same problem and google exactly the right things to find this, it turns out that if your email address ends with, your ISP is indeed Chariot, you dial 0198 308 800 with your modem, and you use your 1earth address to log into everywhere.

My problem had the added bonus where my customer had actually run out of prepaid internet time, which Chariot’s servers choose to explain by refusing connections on the grounds of incorrect username/password. Which didn’t help when I was dialing random numbers in the hope I’d accidentally stumble on the correct combination…

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