one zero five point five

What’s the hottest you’ve ever seen a CPU running at?

This was an Athlon XP 1700+ in a case so old it still had a turbo button on the front. The owner complained of occasional random shut downs.

Tomorrow I move the guts to a case featuring a decent-sized fan grill *within* a cubic foot of the heat sink.

Edit: It dropped to 68 in the new case, with a 90mm fan nearby. Almost a drop of forty degrees.

One Response to “one zero five point five”

  1. Jeremy says:

    The highest I’ve ever gotten was 100 degrees C, which was on my 5-year-old laptop, while running Windows Vista. It didn’t get any hotter than that, as it’s hardcoded to shut off at 100.

    I’ve never, ever got to 100 degrees while running Ubuntu on that laptop, and I reached 100 five times in one day while running Vista. In the winter.