stop! i said it’s happening again!

Doesn’t this just curdle your giblets?

I won’t be finishing Fallout 3 this weekend. I’ll be painstakingly recovering my savegame off another dying ST31000340AS.

(Yes, another; this is my second one. I won’t be buying a third.)

Doesn’t seem to be the usual problem that plagues this model, which is high temperatures (60-70 degrees, while my drives sit at 29-30 in a slight breeze) and slow transfer speeds (this poor guy got seven megabytes per second). Windows used to just pause for 10-20 seconds at a time, and vague ATAPI warnings would show up in the event log; I came home from work today to a machine that might get to the desktop, might not, and would then completely lock up.

I don’t get it. They’re not overheating, they’re not bashed with sticks or fed coke, they’re held in a cage by rubber mounts behind a giant fan. I’ve had more of my fair share of dead hardware, but I don’t actually do anything wrong to cause it. I just have the world’s worst luck with computers.

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