you could squish the flying spiders with the pogo stick.

In honour of Intel releasing BIOS version 0093 for my DP45SG, I pulled an all-nighter devising practical ways to actually upgrade to it. And then, at the end, discovered it still didn’t fix my issue – my 4870×2 is still a paperweight.

In retaliation I decided this week’s theme was retro gaming, and discovered 3D Realms had released Halloween Harry (aka Alien Carnage) as freeware. All four episodes (two were released as shareware).

tim says (18:18):
you couldn’t make a game nowadays where the health pickups were hamburgers and milkshakes and hot dogs
clint says (18:19):
‘where are they now?’….   keen was morbidly obese by the age of 25, but has since turned his life around while promoting the pogo-stick exercise system.
tim says (18:20):
tim says (18:20):
duke nukem died of VD shortly after fighting off the aliens
tim says (18:20):
over and over, after each and every game. they clone him, a la resident evil 3
clint says (18:21):
that’s why he always starts each game with the weakest guns
tim says (18:22):
the entire cast of wacky wheels was captured and safely ensconced in zoos after desert dwellers complained of repetitive street racing

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