another reason to like firefox

In amongst shifting a million hard drives around this weekend (experimenting with RAID – details to follow), I found an awesome little feature in Firefox. Tools menu -> Options -> Content -> Javascript “Advanced…” button:

You can disable JavaScript’s ability to do all those annoying things like unmaximising and resizing browser windows. That, and messing with context menus, are the only two that’re actually turned on by default; it’s a snap to turn them off again, and those things will never bug you again.

One Response to “another reason to like firefox”

  1. Adam says:

    I’m sure you meant maximising, not unmaximising 🙂 I bloody hate sites that insist on maximising my browser window. Listen pal, I have a 22″ display running 1680×1024 and a bunch of other things I want to see too, don’t be so bloody rude.

    Thanks for the tip! The most useful Firefox tip since I found the “force a new page to open in a new tab even if it tries to open in a new window” button. 🙂