some dust, some spam

Do you like Kaspersky Internet Security?

Do you like its effectiveness and efficiency and its features?

Do you like its spam filtering component?

I don’t.

Yup, he never got this email about renewing Kaspersky. Guess why.

In other news, I’m fairly sure I worked on the Addams family’s Dell today:

And here’s why your P4 will overheat and crash over and over and over again this coming summer:

Put your computer *on* your desk, not under it, especially if you have a wooden floor that won’t trap dust by itself. Don’t smoke near it. Don’t run it 24/7 in a car workshop, or *I* get your Mazda’s grease all over my hands cleaning it out.

That is all.

One Response to “some dust, some spam”

  1. Clint says:

    I saw one worse than that last week, and invited you to take a photo of it, but in your words: “i’ve already seen enough computers today”.