before my time!?

She walks into the store. She’s elderly, crinkly, but definitely alive and well and purposeful, and she’s waving a floppy disk in my face.

“Hi… I was going to talk to the boss, but maybe you can help. Do you know about these?”
“Er yes, it’s a floppy disk”
“Oh. Okay. Thought they might’ve been before your time.”
*several seconds of bemused silence* “Not at all…”
“Alright, well, can you copy a couple of things off it onto my *fumbles in bag* thumbdisk thingy for me? Do you have a way to do that?”


One Response to “before my time!?”

  1. Jeremy says:

    Dude! You have OMF 2097! That is the most awesomest game. Evar.

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