why i hate consumer hardware

My hate-hate relationship with the D-Link DSL-G604T continues:


Point 1: I am using a G604T again because my other modem died. Again. Right now, I don’t recommend the NB6W either.

Point 2: I had to power cycle the modem when I got home today before it would connect (it just sat there blinking its ADSL light slowly).

Point 3: I am trying to upgrade the firmware because early on in the night it decided I wasn’t allowed any more DNS lookups and I thought it could do with a psychiatrist appointment.

Point 4: I have just spent a full hour of my time trying to upgrade the firmware both via the web interface and telnet and I seem unable to get either method to behave.

Point 5: Once, right after resetting it to factory settings, it cheerfully informed me it was connected to ADSL using the username “username” and the password “pass”.

Point 6: If the firmware upgrade fails and no software undergoes any change of any kind, WHY THE F#@$ DOES IT REBOOT ANYWAY?

EDIT: I am not alone in this universe:


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  1. LiFeleSs says:

    CICLaMaB i’m sure next time you’ll find this tool handy helped me one million times …
    greetings from italy