drivers for ISSCBTA bluetooth radio in XP

Update: I’ve since moved on and started a proper driver guide, including a bit more background info on this device, here: I’ll leave this page here, but check out the new one too.

Do you have one of these?

I bought one on eBay about 6 months ago, and promptly lost the driver CD that came with it. It actually works out of the box on the latest Ubuntu Linux, but I’ve been completely stuck for Windows support for ages.

Windows XP detects it as an “ISSCBTA”, possibly the least helpful device name I’ve ever seen, and doesn’t know about drivers for it. There’s a driver for Vista on Windows Update, but as far as I can tell that one’s completely broken and useless.

A guy in this thread made an image of the original driver disc and put it up on rapidshare. For the sake of posterity I’m mirroring it here: (13MB!)

I’ve repackaged it in just a zip file, not an ISO in a RAR, so you can just extract it to a folder and run setup.exe without mounting or burning it.

The included software is weird, but functional:

You’ll probably want to remove it from startup items in the start menu too.

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  1. heekki says:

    many thanks!!!!

  2. LexLuther says:

    You might have to mention its has a 5MB limit for file transfers for unlicensed bluetooth devices.

    If users have an original XP disc, the drivers in them should be enough for send and receiving files, at least.

  3. William says:

    gracias por el driver
    lo estaba buscando

  4. ANDM says: