Error 80048820

Error 80048820: You can’t sign in to Windows Live Messenger
You may not be able to sign in because of a problem with Internet connectivity, your firewall (A security feature designed to help protect a computer from unauthorized external access. It can be hardware, software, or both.) , date and time settings, proxy settings, security settings, or SSL security. The server may also be temporarily unavailable.

You’d think, with an eight digit error ID, they could be a bit more specific.

(Check it out. Click on the first “help topic” in the left pane. My ACTUAL problem was error #80048412, because I’d just reset my BIOS and my computer thought it was 2004.)

3 Responses to “Error 80048820”

  1. Ellz says:

    Heya this was the problem for me too! i didnt think it would be somthing that simple and its been broke for weeks! x

  2. BAQIR KAZMI says:

    Thank you!!!

    It did help

  3. Angus says:

    Even better is the error code 80004005, “Unspecified Error.”
    Translation: “It went wrong mate, and good luck finding out why.”
    Brilliant error code.