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anyremote on Ubuntu

Friday, May 25th, 2007

MythTV + Anyremote

The mobile phone does what you think it does.

Anyremote gives you a way to control a PC with a mobile phone or PDA via Bluetooth, IR or a plain cable. Read about it, it’s cool. In setting up a MythTV box (more on it later), I was a bit stuck for how to control the thing – eventually I’ll dig an IR receiver out of somewhere, and train it to use a DVD remote control or something, but until then I had a USB keyboard with a very short cable. Or until I actually made practical use of my phone’s Bluetooth capabilities and made a remote control out of that instead.

Besides, controlling your computer with your mobile phone is really really cool.

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Error 80048820

Friday, May 25th, 2007

Error 80048820: You can’t sign in to Windows Live Messenger
You may not be able to sign in because of a problem with Internet connectivity, your firewall (A security feature designed to help protect a computer from unauthorized external access. It can be hardware, software, or both.) , date and time settings, proxy settings, security settings, or SSL security. The server may also be temporarily unavailable.

You’d think, with an eight digit error ID, they could be a bit more specific.

(Check it out. Click on the first “help topic” in the left pane. My ACTUAL problem was error #80048412, because I’d just reset my BIOS and my computer thought it was 2004.)

Locally mounting Samba shares on Ubuntu

Thursday, May 24th, 2007

Viewing a Windows network file share on Ubuntu is easy enough. In the Places menu, click Network, then Windows Network, then the computer you want to look in, and so on and so forth.

Only programs that use GNOME’s virtual file system framework (gnome-vfs) will be able to directly open files over the network like this – Gedit, Totem Movie Player, Evince (PDF viewer) etc (incidentally, gnome-vfs does more than samba; you can also treat things like remote FTP and SFTP/SCP folders this way). Things like VLC, Firefox etc can only see files on the local filesystem, so network shares have to be mounted locally for them. This is done using smbfs.

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obligatory sucky first post

Friday, May 4th, 2007

And finally, after occasional effort, some shuffling of wallet and feet and a few groany, stretchy noises as the universe expands to fit yet another freaking blog, I have my own freaking blog.

I like music, I like Ubuntu Linux, I like reading the world and I have weird ideas. Bear with.